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- stall or turnout shed

- paddocks cleaned regularly

- stalls cleaned daily

- customized feeding 2-3x daily

- Tribute grains

- coastal, timothy, orchard hays available

- salt/mineral blocks

- supplements, flyspray, blanketing

- manager on site

- regular checks

- use of outdoor dressage arena

- full stadium course

- some trails

- hot/cold wash stall

- tack lockers

- a/c kitchenette and bathroom

- discounts with lessons/training


Jocelyn Deschene specializes in teaching dressage and performance riding in Aiken, SC. A Grand Prix rider, trainer and competitor, as well as avid combined training competitor and trainer, she can help develop the adult amateur as well as the more advanced. She provides a complete training environment for the needs of horse and rider.

A gifted teacher, she explains not only the how's, but the why's. Her patient and understanding nature makes her ideal for beginners and those relearning. Using her knowledge of biomechanics, she can help encourage horses to move properly by teaching the rider correct seat position. She focuses on a combination of developing a good seat and position, learning proper training skills, and increasing theoretical knowledge to encourage effective riding.

Jocelyn aims for happy horses and riders in her efforts to help riders achieve their goals, whether for competition or pleasure. All ages and levels are welcome; programs range from weekly lessons to full training packages.


Monthly training packages

Training sessions can be a combination of lessons for you and/or your horse.

The horse's most demanding role in history was warfare. Mounts had to be fit, supple, obedient and instantly responsive to the lightest of commands. Life or death relied on these achievements. Trainers worked to develop and refine these classical techniques further, especially in 3 areas:

- Training horse to rider
- Training horse for obedience
- Training athletic ability so it could more easily perform its role

Everyone should continue to pursue these elemental ideas and not cut corners in their impatience to get out on the jump course or show ring.

We here at Dancing Horses believe in these fundamental ideas and will help you achieve the highest communication and respect for your equine partner. Whether you are a dressage rider, jumper, eventer or trail rider, we will promote aids to establish balance and effectiveness for the lightest and kindest way of riding.

We will work with you and your horse at our beautiful facility. We can help you conquer our course, get some fine tuning or help start them from scratch.

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